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    Welcome to this Islamic Website on Scriptural Reasoning
Fatwa on Scriptural Reasoning
Welcome to this Islamic website on Scriptural Reasoning - the practice of Muslims, Christians and Jews reading their sacred texts together. This fatwa has been issued by the Shari'a Court in London. Scriptural Reasoning is the reading of the Holy Qur'an, hadith, Tanakh, Talmud and New Testament to promote respect for differences between believers. This fatwa has been issued in order to protect Muslim participation in this practice from any form of malicious abuse or desecration of the Holy Qur'an.


It is binding upon all Muslims to abide by the Islamic shari 'a in their participation in Scriptural Reasoning anywhere. Please click here to download this document. This fatwa has been drafted and officially issued by Muslim scholars of Al-Azhar University at the Shari'a Court of the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque. The document has been widely circulated among Islamic authorities throughout the Middle East, Europe and North America, and applies to Muslims participating in any Scriptural Reasoning group.




Please click to download the fatwa on Scriptural Reasoning in either Arabic or English. This fatwa has been issued by scholars trained at Al-Azhar University, at the Shari'a Court of the London Central Mosque in order to protect Muslims participating in this practice.

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